TenWords Journal

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TL;DR: I created an MVP, text-only version of 1 Second Everyday

I wonder if there’s a word or phrase in the English language for the feeling felt when falsely correcting the path you’re on.

For example:

  1. I’m driving
  2. I’m in the fast lane, but it’s moving slower than all the other lanes
  3. I switch lanes to what I think is the actual fast lane
  4. I drive faster for all of 12 seconds
  5. All the cars that were behind me in the lane I was previously in proceed to pass me
  6. I unnecessarily switched lanes

Or maybe:

  1. I’m playing Mario Kart
  2. I get a green shell
  3. I throw green shell
  4. I want the green shell to hit opponents ahead of me
  5. Green shell misses opponents, bounces off wall
  6. I get hit by the shell I threw


  1. Do I lack patience?
  2. Did I miscalculate?
  3. Was it just bad luck?

Here’s how I ended up here:

  1. Make habit building software
  2. I’ve failed to make journaling a habit
  3. Make a habit building journaling app
  4. Okay, I’m making TenWords Journal
  5. Write at least ten words a day
  6. If I miss a day then all my previous entries get deleted
  7. Wait, that didn’t work out so well
  8. Try to write ten words each and every day
  9. I feel most of my days aren’t journal worthy
  10. Now this app inadvertently highlights the general mundaneness of my life

It’s funny because I don’t feel that my life is boring at all.

  1. I like software engineering
  2. I have hobbies that still offer much to learn
  3. I made $0.29 off of TenWords Journal


  1. Don’t invest too much time in brand upfront
  2. Identify potential competitors from every angle. Tunnel vision caused me to overlook 1 Second Everyday
  3. UX can make or break software. It is worth investing time in wireframes and UX flows.
  4. Keep costs as close to $0.00 as possible.
    • I saved money using Coredata and Cloudkit instead of Firebase
    • I wasted time prototyping with Firebase
    • I wasted time and money in prematurely creating TenWordsJournal.com
    • I wasted time having UX and UI crises

Instead of creating an app that would take short entries to write a life story, I ended up highlighting the insignificance of day to day life through poor UX decisions. I neglected to understand the popularity of 1 Second Everyday and instead focused on competing with other journaling and diary apps.