Sajay Shah

Software Engineer

Email: shahsajay@gmail.com

Web: www.sajayshah.com


Experienced full-stack engineer with 7 years of success architecting, implementing, and improving solutions for high-revenue SaaS platforms.

Proven track record of leveraging product-minded approaches to increase competitive advantage and exceed customer expectations.

Work Experience


Senior Software Engineer - Product Fit Alignment (PFA)

August 2022 - Present

Worked cross functionally to improve the implementation and usage of Vivun’s flagship product, Hero.

  • Created POCs, UX mocks, and architecture diagrams to drive GPT 4 adoption on product roadmap.
  • Collaborated cross-functionally to simplify client-side processes, improve code quality, and boost developer productivity.
  • Led efforts for meaningful frontend infrastructure refactors of V0s with defined goals.
  • Implemented APIs for customizable Salesforce object layouts, enhancing sales process updates.
  • Spearheaded Hero Journeys, allowing tailored Salesforce Opportunity tracking for diverse deal types.

Nova Credit

Senior Software Engineer - Direct to Consumer (D2C)

April 2022 - August 2022

Improved onboarding UX for Nova Credit, which helps people transfer their credit scores to the United States.

  • Implemented an enhanced onboarding UX, boosting D2C revenue via 15% increase in completion rate, 20% increase in conversion rate, and 9% increase in affiliate link click rate.


Software Engineer III - Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

October 2018 - April 2022

Significantly evolved the CPQ platform, enabling sales representatives to tailor pricing solutions for prospective clients and facilitate swift deal closures.

  • Architected and implemented a rewrite of Zuora CPQ, a web app that streamlined complex product pricing and business rules to provide customers with a competitive alternative to Salesforce CPQ.
  • Designed for backwards compatibility with the existing Zuora CPQ application used by 100s of companies on different versions of both Zuora CPQ and Salesforce.
  • Updated Zuora Connector for Salesforce CPQ to handle Zuora API migration use cases.

GE Digital

Software Engineer (Digital Technology Leadership Program) - Predix Timeseries

January 2017 - October 2018

DTLP is a highly selective rotational program. Most time was spent working on Predix Timeseries, a high volume data ingestion and query service that allows users to aggregate data for analytics.

  • Engineered APIs allowing customers to asynchronously delete data by query.
  • Troubleshooted P1 defects on production environments to ensure maximum service uptime.
  • Developed an experimental serverless, high-volume, event-driven lambda system.


Javascript/Typescript - (React, LWC, Node, Jest)

Java/Kotlin - (Spring, Gradle, Maven)

iOS - (Swift, Objective-C)

Other - Go, Salesforce, Apex, Kafka, Docker, AWS, Git, Jenkins, API Design, Cross org collaboration


BS Computer Science Magna Cum Laude - San Jose State University