Venuit, Pactive, OverHere

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A brief summary of each app:

1. Venuit

  • Given that I am a person who has friends living all over the Bay Area
  • When I want to plan a meeting with my friends
  • Then I should I have an app that:
    • Leverages Yelp Search so a variety of activities are suggested
    • Knows where my friends and I typically are throughout the day so suggested activity locations minimize average travel time
    • Allows my friends and I to vote on suggested results so group text conversation is less chaotic

2. Pactive

  • Given that I am an individual looking to maintain a gym routine
  • When I have trouble finding motivation to go to the gym
  • Then I should have an app that:
    • Implements a reward system so I am incentivized to go to the gym
    • Allows me to log my physical activity so I can track growth and progress
    • Proposes new workouts to maintain exercise habits so I don’t get bored

See: PocketPoints, SweatCoin

3. OverHere

  • Given that I am an individual traveling with a group
  • When the group would like to temporarily split to pursue different interests
  • Then I should have an app that:
    • Quickly and noninvasively sets up a location tracking session so users are not concerned about privacy violations
    • Allows me to see the general location of each individual in the group on a map so I can navigate to them
    • Allows me to hide my location so I maintain control over being tracked


I was essentially running with nowhere to go. I lost focus and wasted energy implementing features that were superfluous and out of scope.

I worked on these projects throughout my junior and senior year of college. Looking back on the code written, results achieved, and lessons learned, I would say I was drifting between unconscious and conscious incompetence.

I should have completed Given-When-Then-So’s to obtain a definition of done or a Lean Model Canvas to scope out a definition of success.

I should have had an inflection point two weeks into each project to determine if I was building a product or having fun with new technologies. Flip-flop mentality clouds judgement.